3 Reasons Never to Miss A Subaru Oil Change Near Tacoma

subaru oil change tacomaIt’s usually recommended to change your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months. However, not all Subaru owners remember to do so, which can result in harmful long-term impacts to your car. Here are the top 3 reasons you should never miss a Subaru oil change near Tacoma.

Lubricate Your Engine

While you’re driving, the components in your car are constantly moving together in harmony. The last thing you want is unnecessary friction or stress on these parts. When your car receives an oil change, it ensures the moving parts of your engine are lubricated enough to function properly. 

Lower Vehicular Emissions

With a fresh replacement of oil, your car will experience a reduction in vehicular emissions. In addition to lowering your carbon footprint, this will also keep your engine clean and in tip-top shape. Oil changes are inexpensive safeguards against future car troubles.

Increase Your Engine’s Longevity

Along with a cleaner engine comes an increased lifespan. Getting routine Subaru oil changes is a simple way to prevent overheating and unnecessary wear and tear. Taking small steps now can help you avoid bigger problems down the road, like expensive repairs and even engine rebuild or replacement.

Looking For a Professional to Perform Your Subaru Oil Change Near Tacoma?

Now that you’re sold on the importance of regular Subaru oil changes, you’ll never miss one! The professionals at East Valley Auto Rebuild serve the Tacoma community and surrounding areas, offering expert Subaru service and repair. As independent Subaru experts with over 30 years of experience and in-house machining services, we’re dedicated to serving you and your vehicle with integrity. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Professional Subaru Oil Changes Near Tacoma

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