Red Flags That You Need Windshield Repair Near Burien

windshield repair burienYour vehicle’s windshield probably isn’t a car part that you think a lot about. But when the inevitable happens and you get a crack or chip in the windshield, it helps to know when it’s time for expert windshield repair. 

The Chip is Deep

A shallow chip in the glass can often be repaired if it’s small. But when the piece that’s missing reaches the center layer of your safety glass windshield, it can threaten the integrity of your whole window.

The Crack is Longer Than a Few Inches

Many people go by the rule of thumb that if a windshield crack fits completely under a dollar bill, you can wait on repairing it. Unfortunately, that’s risky because as you continue to drive, the constant vibration from bumps, potholes and other road conditions can increase the length of the crack. Repairing the crack as soon as you notice it is wise. 

The Damage is On the Driver’s Side

Even if it’s a small chip or crack in your windshield, if it is on the driver’s side, it can have a big effect on your ability to see clearly. Having an unobstructed view of the road and potential obstacles or hazards is crucial to keeping you and your passengers safe, so it’s time to get that windshield fixed.

Do You Need Windshield Repair for Your Subaru Near Burien?

East Valley Auto Rebuild is your local independent Subaru expert for vehicle repairs and maintenance. From simple oil changes to complex engine rebuilds and everything in between, our full-service team of auto technicians can fix any car, Subaru or not. We’ve earned our great reputation for outstanding service over 30 years, so when you need windshield repair work done, contact us to schedule a convenient appointment. 

Rapid Windshield Repair for Burien Drivers

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