3 Reasons to Rebuild the Engine on Your Subaru Near Eugene

rebuild the engine eugeneWith age, your car may not run as well as it used to. Even if you’ve kept up with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, normal wear and tear still take their toll. Instead of worrying about buying a new car when you love the one you have, it may be wise to rebuild the engine. Here are three great reasons why.

Extend the Life of Your Car

Buy yourself some more time with your car. Because it’s such a highly detailed job, you can feel confident that your auto mechanic has closely examined and evaluated all the components of your engine during the rebuilding process. In addition, trusting your car to a Subaru expert gives you the confidence to know they’re as dedicated to your vehicle as you are. 

Your Engine is Fixable

Not every engine is a good candidate for a rebuild. Depending on the root cause of your vehicle’s decreased performance, an engine overhaul is enough to revive it for several more years and thousands of miles of service. Significant damage to key components may be irreparable and take the rebuild process out of consideration, so talking to your auto technician is the best source of guidance. 

Enjoy Improved Performance

By disassembling, inspecting and cleaning every part of your engine, plus replacing worn parts such as seals and belts, you’ll have an engine that’s back to the original factory standards or better. Enjoy greater efficiency and performance from your car.

Ready to Rebuild the Engine of Your Subaru Near Eugene?

At East Valley Auto Rebuild, we love working on Subarus! We’re your local independent Subaru experts for all of your service and repair needs. Our service station stands out for having our own machine shop, a well-earned reputation for excellence and customer service, and a robust warranty on work using our OEM parts. Contact us today to discuss ways to rebuild the engine on a Subaru you love!

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Posted on February 21, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business