Wonder What Your Subaru Maintenance Checklist Includes in Salem?

Subaru maintenance checklist salemYou already know that keeping up with regular factory-scheduled maintenance is important to keep your vehicle running well, whether you drive a Subaru or another make. But do you know what your Subaru maintenance checklist typically entails? By learning more about what your car needs, you can better spot problems before they become serious.

Basic Upkeep

When you drop off your Subaru for service, you can be assured that your auto technician will change the oil and replace the oil filter. Depending on the age of the vehicle, your car will also get an air filter change and new windshield wipers. 

Fluids, Tires and Brakes

As part of regularly scheduled service, your auto mechanic may check the fluids and top them off as needed. Common tire care includes checking the tire pressure and adjusting it according to what’s appropriate for your car and rotating the tires. Your mechanic may also inspect the brakes and repair or replace any worn parts. 

Engine Maintenance

For Subarus of a certain mileage and beyond, your auto technician will perform a more detailed visual inspection of key components such as the fuel lines and coolant system. Your car’s wheel bearings, steering and suspension will be inspected, and spark plugs are commonly replaced. 

Need a Skilled Mechanic to Handle Your Subaru Maintenance Checklist Near Salem?

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