When Does Your Car Need Subaru Transmission Service Near Portland?

subaru transmission service portlandYour car’s transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle’s engine. Taking good care of it ensures your car runs well for as long as you own it, so knowing when to get it looked at by a mechanic is essential. Here are three signs that you need Subaru transmission service promptly.

Your Car Has Racked Up the Miles

Your car’s transmission is engineered to run with minimal intervention from a mechanic, but as it ages, that transmission fluid can deteriorate in quality and effectiveness. Getting your transmission fluid replaced around 90,000-100,000 miles keeps the moving parts functioning like they’re supposed to.

You Hear Grinding Sounds When You Drive

Inside the transmission are several gears that work together to shift your car from park to drive or reverse. When your transmission fluid is low, if deposits coat the gears or they’re out of alignment, you may hear those parts moving against each other and making grinding noises. 

The Gears Slip While Driving

If you feel the car jerk and hear the transmission gears shift even though you haven’t made any adjustments to what gear the engine is in, there’s a good chance you need to see a mechanic soon. That kind of transmission problem only gets worse, and could leave you stranded if the transmission stops working completely. 

Ready to Book a Subaru Transmission Service for Your Car Near Portland?

East Valley Auto Rebuild’s Subaru Guru has earned an outstanding reputation as one of the area’s greatest fans of the brand, so you can trust your car to our shop for high-quality maintenance and repair work. As your local award-winning independent Subaru service center, count on our state-of-the-art machine shop for all your auto service and repair and engine rebuild needs. Contact us for Subaru transmission service today!

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