Autumn Safe Driving Tips for Great Subaru Handling in SeaTac

subaru handling seatacWhen it comes to winter and summer driving, most people have a firm grasp on common safe driving tips. But fall brings its own driving challenges, and if you want the best Subaru handling from your vehicle, learning what they are can help. 

Fallen Leaves Can Cause Skids

While beautiful, the brightly colored autumn leaves are a special danger to drivers. Once fallen on the roadway, they’re slippery and can affect your car tires’ traction, especially on a rainy day when they’re wet.

Allow Extra Time to Defrost the Windows

When you’re in a hurry, it may be tempting to drive with heavily fogged car windows, since they’ll continue to defrost as you go. But it’s a big risk, so giving yourself extra time in allowing the windows to clear is important. And don’t forget the safety risk in only defrosting your front windshield: the back and side windows are just as key to good visibility.

Remember That Driving Conditions Change Frequently

As the temperatures begin to sink lower overnight at this time of year, your early morning driving conditions likely won’t be anything like those you’ll experience with late afternoon driving on your way home from work. Early morning road conditions can be slippery with condensation and even frost, especially over bridges and overpasses.

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