3 Warning Signs You Need New Tires for Subaru Safety Near Covington

new tires for subaru covingtonA large part of safe driving comes down to keeping your car well-maintained. New tires for Subaru cars is one way to ensure you get reliable performance and protect yourself and your passengers while on the road. Here are three key signs it’s time for tire replacement. 

Noises Coming from The Front or Rear of the Car

Bad tires often make regular humming or thumping noises when they’re nearing the end of their useful life. This can be because of uneven wear or even thinning of the tire tread if it’s been too long since they were replaced. 

Your Tires Don’t Hold Their Pressure

Going to re-fill the tires with air occasionally is part of owning a car, but if you’re doing it frequently, it’s a sign that your tires aren’t able to maintain the appropriate pressure for safe driving. 

You Don’t Remember The Last Time They Were Replaced

It’s easy to overlook tire maintenance when they’re not making noise or leaking air. But they’re not meant to last for more than around 50,000 miles of driving. If you can’t remember the last time you got new tires for your car, it’s worth asking for a tire check the next time you bring your vehicle in for any kind of service.

Need New Tires for Subaru Driving Near Covington?

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