Subaru Engine Rebuild: Restoring Power and Reliability for Eugene Drivers

Subaru Engine Rebuild EugeneIf you’re considering rebuilding your car’s engine to improve its performance and longevity, learning more about what goes into the process can help you feel more comfortable in making the best decision. Here’s a high level look at the Subaru engine rebuild process. 


The engine is carefully removed from the vehicle. Your mechanic takes it apart and assesses each component carefully, inspecting for wear and damage. In addition, disassembled parts are compared to what Subaru factory specifications call for, and those needing machine work are identified. 

Cleaning and Machining

Parts are cleaned thoroughly. Your mechanic uses machine tools to work on worn engine parts and restore them to factory specifications before reinstalling them. Damaged parts are repaired or replaced.

Reassembly and Testing

Your car’s engine is reassembled with fully refurbished parts. In cases where some parts can’t be returned to factory specifications, new parts may be installed. The mechanic then tests the engine to ensure all components are correctly installed and torqued. The rebuilt engine is then further tested for performance and reliability before being reinstalled in the vehicle.

Interested in Getting a Subaru Engine Rebuild Near Eugene?

Rebuilding your car’s engine offers multiple benefits, including better mileage per gallon, improved performance and more comfortable handling. But it’s a big undertaking that isn’t right for every car. That’s why getting expert help from an experienced auto mechanic is so important. East Valley Auto Rebuild is owned and operated by someone who’s as dedicated to the brand as you are, affectionately known as the Subaru Guru. Providing outstanding service and repair work and engine rebuild work is all we do, and we even have our own machine shop to ensure precision results. Contact us today to get more information and see if a Subaru engine rebuild is right for your vehicle.

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