Subaru Detailing — What You Can Expect Near Salem

subaru detailing salemDetailing your car is one of the most reliable ways to improve its appearance and maintain its value, even if you don’t plan on selling it any time soon. If it’s been a while since you’ve treated your vehicle to a little TLC, you may be wondering what goes into this process. Here’s the work that typically goes into Subaru detailing.

Exterior Cleaning

Your vehicle will get a thorough wash that includes the rims, tires and windows, as well as the engine area. Detailing usually includes wiping out or vacuuming out the trunk or cargo spaces, too. Your detailer may also buff out light scratches and blemishes in the paint; if you have areas of concern, talk to your auto care professional about whether additional repair work is needed to address paint damage.

Interior Cleaning

The fabric upholstery will be shampooed and vacuumed. If you have leather seats, they–and any other leather surfaces–get reconditioning treatments. Then, the detailer will wipe down all hard surfaces, such as your dashboard, center console and door jambs. The interior of the windows will be cleaned, and the headliner will be cleaned and re-tacked, if needed. 

Exterior Paint Enhancement 

Finally, your service will conclude with a clay bar treatment to improve the look and feel of the finish. A full exterior wax job increases gloss and protects the finish on your car.

Interested in Subaru Detailing Near Salem?

As your local independent Subaru expert, the team at East Valley Auto Rebuild is ready to provide you with the high-quality and attentive detailing services that enhance the appearance and enjoyment of your car. We’re passionate about the brand, and take great pride in our service, repair and engine rebuild capabilities for our customers. Contact us for your Subaru detailing appointment today, and fall in love with your Subie all over again. 

Precision Subaru Detailing for Salem Area Drivers

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Best Subaru Service Tips to Keep Your Car Running Longer Near Lea Hill

subaru service lea hillIf you love your Subaru, of course you want to drive it for as long as possible. With this Subaru service advice, you’ll be able to keep your car running well for years, no matter where life takes you.

Pay Attention to the Interior of Your Car

Cars work harder when they’re bogged down with extra weight. Avoid using your trunk as a storage area, especially over a long period of time. Remove trash regularly, wipe hard surfaces, vacuum the floors and seats, and wipe the interior window surfaces every few weeks, at least.

Keep Up with Factory-Scheduled Maintenance

The manufacturer has developed scheduled maintenance to ensure the vehicle has important parts inspected and replaced at or near the end of their usefulness. Stick to this schedule to minimize the risk of major and unexpected repairs. 

Find and Use a Trusted Subaru Repair Shop

To get the best service for your Subaru, consider finding an auto repair shop that specializes in caring for this brand’s vehicles. The auto technicians who are dedicated to Subarus are more likely to have extensive training and hands-on experience so you may get more reliable engine diagnostics and repairs.

Do You Need to Book a Subaru Service Appointment Near Lea Hill?

At East Valley Auto Rebuild, we’re your local independent Subaru repair expert, and we have the tools, skills and knowledge to provide Subaru owners with real peace of mind when it comes to caring for their vehicles. We also provide repair and maintenance services for all other makes and models, for your convenience. Our full-service auto shop includes expert machining work, too. Contact us for a complete range of Subaru service and repair work, including transmission, steering, radiator and cooling system inspections and adjustments.

Visit Your Local Independent Subaru Guru for Subaru Service You Can Count On Near Lea Hill

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Red Flags That You Need Windshield Repair Near Burien

windshield repair burienYour vehicle’s windshield probably isn’t a car part that you think a lot about. But when the inevitable happens and you get a crack or chip in the windshield, it helps to know when it’s time for expert windshield repair. 

The Chip is Deep

A shallow chip in the glass can often be repaired if it’s small. But when the piece that’s missing reaches the center layer of your safety glass windshield, it can threaten the integrity of your whole window.

The Crack is Longer Than a Few Inches

Many people go by the rule of thumb that if a windshield crack fits completely under a dollar bill, you can wait on repairing it. Unfortunately, that’s risky because as you continue to drive, the constant vibration from bumps, potholes and other road conditions can increase the length of the crack. Repairing the crack as soon as you notice it is wise. 

The Damage is On the Driver’s Side

Even if it’s a small chip or crack in your windshield, if it is on the driver’s side, it can have a big effect on your ability to see clearly. Having an unobstructed view of the road and potential obstacles or hazards is crucial to keeping you and your passengers safe, so it’s time to get that windshield fixed.

Do You Need Windshield Repair for Your Subaru Near Burien?

East Valley Auto Rebuild is your local independent Subaru expert for vehicle repairs and maintenance. From simple oil changes to complex engine rebuilds and everything in between, our full-service team of auto technicians can fix any car, Subaru or not. We’ve earned our great reputation for outstanding service over 30 years, so when you need windshield repair work done, contact us to schedule a convenient appointment. 

Rapid Windshield Repair for Burien Drivers

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Why Tacoma-Area Drivers Should Never Miss a Subaru Recommended Maintenance Visit

subaru recommended maintenance tacomaWhen it comes to keeping your car running well, one of the most important things you can do is keep up with your Subaru recommended maintenance schedule. It may seem unnecessary to keep bringing your car in for service even though it doesn’t appear that anything is wrong, but there are three clear benefits.

Improve Reliability

An auto technician will typically check the belts, hoses and spark plugs as part of your manufacturer-recommended service. This, along with giving your transmission, brake, cooling and other critical systems a look, offers the chance to make adjustments that keep your vehicle running in optimal condition.

Reduce the Need for Urgent Repairs

Being responsive to your car’s needs instead of reacting only to big breakdowns when they happen can not only save you money but can also save you the inconvenience of emergency engine repairs. 

Preserve Resale Value

If you can demonstrate that you’ve taken good care of your car throughout the time you’ve owned it, you may be able to ask a higher price for it. Having a listing of your service history that you can pass on to the buyer can also sweeten the deal for you as a seller.

Does Your Car Need a Subaru Recommended Maintenance Service?

East Valley Auto Rebuild is your independent Subaru expert and full-service auto shop serving the community for decades! Not only can we tackle regular maintenance, we can also handle complex repairs, including engine rebuilds, to keep your favorite car–even if it’s not a Subaru– in top shape for years of driving enjoyment. Contact us today to schedule your Subaru recommended maintenance.

Trusted Subaru Recommended Maintenance Near Tacoma

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3 Reasons to Choose an Independent Subaru Repair Shop Near Seattle

Subaru repair shop seattleKeeping your Subaru in great shape makes it fun to drive. And what better way to get the service and repair work you need than from an independent Subaru repair garage where the auto technicians specialize in Subarus? Here are three great reasons to book your next service appointment with a dedicated Subaru repair shop.

Expert Car Care

Because the team at your Subaru repair shop works on so many cars from this manufacturer, they have an in-depth knowledge of this car’s strengths. They also know which areas of the vehicle require a little extra attention. The only team that’ll know your car better is at the Subaru factory.

Quick Turn-Around Time

A full-service repair shop has all of the diagnostic tools and parts necessary to identify and resolve your concerns, whether your appointment is for factory-scheduled maintenance or because you’re hearing strange noises coming from the engine. And a shop with machining capabilities ensures even quicker repair jobs since parts don’t need to be sent out or ordered from a third party.

A Passion for the Brand

You love your car, and so you take good care of it. Don’t you want anyone who works on your Subaru to feel that same pride? When you trust your car to a specialty independent auto shop, you can have confidence that your vehicle is in highly capable hands.

Independent Subaru Repair Shop Serving Seattle Area Drivers

East Valley Auto Rebuild is truly devoted to providing you and your Subaru with outstanding maintenance and repair services, even when your car has complex needs like rebuilding the engine. We use only authentic Subaru parts installed by our ASE-equivalent trained team. Contact us today for professional auto care from your local independent Subaru auto shop.

Get Full-Service Auto Care at Your Local Subaru Repair Shop Near Seattle

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The Benefits of In-House Machining Solutions for Your Subaru Near Salem

machining-salemYour Subaru is your pride, and keeping it running well is your privilege. Building a relationship with a reliable repair shop is important, and finding one with an in-house machining shop is the best way to ensure well-rounded care for any repair or maintenance work your car might need. Here’s why.

Precision Results

When your auto repair shop can deliver highly accurate results in tailoring parts to your car’s specs, you stand a better chance of more reliable repairs with optimal function. There’s a reassuring continuity of knowledge and handling in having the same team that repairs your car work on your car’s machining needs, too.

Reduced Turn-Around Time

A shop that also offers in-house machining may be able to carry out repairs and maintenance work faster and more efficiently. It eliminates much of the need to send work out, which can lead to delays and more expensive repairs due to the cost of shipping.

More Than Just Repairs

Performance-oriented upgrades ensure your Subaru is running at its peak capabilities, delivering the speed and responsiveness you’ve come to expect from this line of cars. When a repair shop has the machining tools and well-qualified machinists on-site, it becomes much more convenient to consider the improvements you’ve perhaps only dreamed of.

Ready to Find an Auto Shop Specializing in On-Site Machining Near Salem?

At East Valley Auto Rebuild, our certified team of award-winning professionals is ready to take on the most challenging and complex service, repair and rebuild projects. From regularly scheduled factory maintenance to restoration and tire service, your Subaru is covered from bumper to bumper. Contact us today for your advanced Subaru machining needs and keep your car’s performance exactly where you want it.

Achieve Maximum Performance from Your Subaru with In-House Machining Near Salem

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3 Reasons Never to Miss A Subaru Oil Change Near Tacoma

subaru oil change tacomaIt’s usually recommended to change your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months. However, not all Subaru owners remember to do so, which can result in harmful long-term impacts to your car. Here are the top 3 reasons you should never miss a Subaru oil change near Tacoma.

Lubricate Your Engine

While you’re driving, the components in your car are constantly moving together in harmony. The last thing you want is unnecessary friction or stress on these parts. When your car receives an oil change, it ensures the moving parts of your engine are lubricated enough to function properly. 

Lower Vehicular Emissions

With a fresh replacement of oil, your car will experience a reduction in vehicular emissions. In addition to lowering your carbon footprint, this will also keep your engine clean and in tip-top shape. Oil changes are inexpensive safeguards against future car troubles.

Increase Your Engine’s Longevity

Along with a cleaner engine comes an increased lifespan. Getting routine Subaru oil changes is a simple way to prevent overheating and unnecessary wear and tear. Taking small steps now can help you avoid bigger problems down the road, like expensive repairs and even engine rebuild or replacement.

Looking For a Professional to Perform Your Subaru Oil Change Near Tacoma?

Now that you’re sold on the importance of regular Subaru oil changes, you’ll never miss one! The professionals at East Valley Auto Rebuild serve the Tacoma community and surrounding areas, offering expert Subaru service and repair. As independent Subaru experts with over 30 years of experience and in-house machining services, we’re dedicated to serving you and your vehicle with integrity. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Professional Subaru Oil Changes Near Tacoma

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Everything You Need to Know About a Subaru Engine Rebuild near Kent

Subaru engine rebuild kentIf you own a Subaru, chances are you already trust your car for its reliability and longevity. Over 10% of Subaru owners keep their cars for over ten years. That’s a long time! Of course, in order to keep a car in working condition for so long, you may find yourself seeking an engine repair or rebuild. Here, we explore everything you need to know about a Subaru engine rebuild near Kent.

When to Consider an Engine Rebuild

An auto expert can help you decide if Subaru services/repairs or engine rebuild is a better option for you. A few circumstances in which engine rebuild may be warranted include:

  • Strange smoke colors from exhaust
  • Cracked block
  • Knocking noise
  • Heavy oil or coolant leakage

The Engine Rebuild Process

Once you and your automotive technician have decided upon a rebuild, you’ll take your car in for the process. While your car is in the shop, the technician will completely disassemble your Subaru’s engine. Each individual part will receive a thorough inspection and cleaning and will be replaced if necessary. Your “new” engine will be entirely compliant with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Benefits of Rebuilding Your Engine

When you commit to a Subaru engine rebuild, you can drive with peace of mind. With high-quality new parts and a squeaky clean new engine, your car will be ready to hit the roads for years to come.

Schedule an Affordable Subaru Engine Rebuild in Kent Today!

If you’re looking for an affordable Subaru engine rebuild expert in Kent, look no further than the pros at East Valley Auto Rebuild. We’re independent Subaru experts with over 30 years of experience. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with Subaru maintenance, engine rebuilds and more. We even save you money with our in-house machine shop!

Expert Subaru Engine Rebuild Services Near Kent

Serving Seattle, Tacoma, Kent, Auburn, Des Moines, Renton, Burien, Federal Way, SeaTac, Lea Hill, Covington, Everett, Olympia, Vancouver, Portland, Salem & Eugene

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Finding a Reliable Subaru Service Center in the Pacific Northwest

Finding a Reliable Subaru Service Center | East Valley Auto RebuildIt doesn’t matter if it’s time to schedule routine maintenance, extensive auto repairs or a complete engine rebuild, finding a reliable Subaru service center in your area is important. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure you find a service center capable of providing the quality service you need at a price you can afford:

Ask Around

You can start finding a reliable Subaru service center by asking people in your community for recommendations. There are plenty of Subaru owners in the area, so someone should be able to provide a recommendation for maintenance and repair. Try family, friends and neighbors first, but it’s worth checking local social media groups as well.

Take a Closer Look

While suggestions from people you know can be really helpful, never accept a referral blindly. Take some time to look at your options closely before making a final decision. Most shops make finding a reliable Subaru service center easier by providing websites with offerings, reviews and prices.

Request a Referral List

It’s also common for Subaru service centers to keep a list of referrals handy. Always ask for this, as it’ll allow you to talk to past customers in addition to the Subaru specialist.

Finding a Reliable Subaru Service Center in Pacific Northwest is Easy!

If you’re looking for a reliable Subaru service center in the Pacific Northwest, consider your search over. You can count on East Valley Auto Rebuild for all of our Subaru service needs. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our owner is known as the Guru of Subarus! Whatever your situation, you can always count on our independent specialists for expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. We also offer in-house Subaru machining services, which adds extra convenience and helps keep your costs down. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

A Solution to Finding a Reliable Subaru Service Center in the Pacific Northwest

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